Saturday, August 31, 2013

Birthday Mom

 See that lady?  That is the picture of goodness right there.

That is my mom and today is her 77th birthday.

How lucky am I to have a mom like that for my whole life?

And she is the best grandma.

a constant example of love and service

and acceptance

I love you mom

and I wish

you many many more happy birthdays

to come

Today I heard a story about two little boys living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  They both have Down's Syndrome and one has a heart defect, and in spite of all their problems, they are coming to the U.S. to be adopted by a family who wants them and who is prepared to care for them.   If everything falls into place, those little boys have hit the jackpot.  Their new family will transform their lives, and give them a lifetime of love and support and opportunity that they could not possibly have known in the life they were born into. It's amazing how our actions can impact the lives of other people, isn't it? For good and bad.  We are powerful creatures, whether we realize it or not, and even in our smallest moves, we can make big waves.

That's my H.O.G.(hand of God)  moment for the day.  Most of the time, God works through other people.  And that doesn't make any of it any less of a miracle.

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