Monday, August 12, 2013

The Last Days

I have given up on trying to be productive on my one week day off, especially with everybody else at home.  It's best to just roll with whatever is happening and not think too hard about what needs to be getting done and is not.  Because no matter what I think, nothing gets done, and if I am planning on nothing getting done, at least I don't have a coronary because of it.  A little queasiness, yes, but no palpitations.  Embrace the slothfulness.  Lower your standards. Seize the day.  Whatever.  Maybe one day I will have Mondays to  myself again.

At any rate, this Monday is not a day to waste.  This Monday is Olivia's last Monday of summer vacation, and my last day off with her this week. So we are off to live it up and do something that feels like summer.  Not sure exactly what yet, but hopefully something involving sunscreen. And snow cones. Pictures to come.

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