Friday, September 13, 2013


Today was kind of a crappy day, until it was made by Olivia, who requested that for our Friday night movie, we watch Joseph Smith and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Now THAT would be a musical.  That kid always make me smile.

So many pictures, so much happening all the time, and no time to keep track of it all.  Never fear I HAVE been keeping track of my HOG moments, just haven't kept up with 'em on here. I will though. As soon as I catch up a little with everything else that's been happening.

Mitch had a birthday on the fifth of September.  He went to Comic Con with his friends that day, so we had to celebrate a day or so early and I only snatched one picture of him.  Why I like this picture is because you can totally see the cowlick on top of his head.  That was the first thing I noticed about him when I first laid eyes on him was that distinctive cowlick, that I knew was going to make for some interesting hairstyles his whole life.  He has grown into it nicely, I think.

He is busy with work and school and we don't see too much of him.  We are getting to that stage of life where we have to cook Sunday dinner to get our kids to visit us, and even that only works sometimes.

Before that, we went on a family hike up a canyon in Ogden somewhere.  It was so hot.

  Trying to get a good self-and-Duncan portrait is harder than it looks. Plus we are dorks, which makes it extra hard.

We made it up to the waterfall, only to find that it was mostly just a water trickle.  I guess we need to go in June to get the full effect. But it was nice and cool, and everybody got damp enough I guess.

If you go hiking in the canyon, and you meet a guy from your town who played for the Boston Red Sox for six months, do NOT let him take  your family pictures.  This is what you will get:

And there goes my future.

And before THAT, we took advantage of having Alisa and Erwann home for a while, and we dragged everybody over to the nature park for some family pictures.

Now I just gotta pick out my favorites to print off and hang all over my house.

And before THAT, we dragged Erwann all over downtown Salt Lake City for some good clean Mormon fun.  We went to Temple Square, the Beehive House, and the church museum.

 Of course we had to take the obligatory tourist photos in front of the temple, but personally I like the above shot better than the below shot.

And before THAT, Dan and the kids went to the bus station to collect our girl and her guy. We had one short week with them here, but we (and they) crammed in quite a few adventures in those short days.

And somewhere in the middle of all that, Will and Audrey started school.

 First day of high school for Will

And eighth grade for Audrey
And then Erwann became a U.S. citizen.

Nah, just kidding.

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