Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where the Time Goes

What happened today that I need to remember?  I wish I had something momentous to report.  Maybe I should just be happy that nothing too momentous happened today, and today will become one of those days that just fades into the corner of your memory and thirty years from now I will have no recollection of this day, but will be asking myself where all the time went.

Olivia got her third grade picture taken today. We had spaghetti for dinner.  Alisa and Erwann are here, spending their last few days in Utah before they take off for their new life in California. Mitch is having a time crunch with work and school and homework and ROTC, and trying to piece it all together.  Duncan bought a Playstation card today. Audrey got new gym shoes and Will gave me a dollar for a drink I bought him.  We got free bagels at work today, and I ate way too much junk food all day long.

And that is about as exciting as it got today. I kept looking for a sign of divine providence or intervention or whatever today, and honestly, had a hard time coming up with anything.  The best I've got is that I realized today that I spend way too much time focusing on matters financial.  I worry way too much about getting ahead, getting a deal, getting a break. If I got any kind of divine message today, it was to start recognizing the good things happening in my life that have nothing at all to do with money.

Also, I met a lady today who spent the last two years serving as a missionary in a refugee camp in Syria of all places.  She had some stories to tell, of 10,000 people living in tents in this camp, and kids getting shot in the head,  and how close to complete and real chaos it is over there.  Scary stuff. She said she would send me a link to her blog.  I hope she does.

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