Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August Highs and Lows

 Hmm, must be August. It's hot.  Really really hot. And the air is hazy from three or four different wildfires that are burning around the state.  The grass is dry, the flowers are starting to look tired, and the weeds are thriving.  Wow, that could be a metaphor for my life right now.  Nah, there is no way I am in the August of my life yet.  June maybe, but for sure not August.

We heard the good news today that Erwann's visa was approved!! So he and Alisa are really truly and for sure moving to California in a few weeks.  That has been the plan for a long time now, but until he nailed down the job and the visa, things were very much tentative.  Now, their plans have firmed up, and they are relieved to not be stressing about the visa anymore.   Now all they have to worry about is making a transcontinental move, getting to California in an old Buick, finding a cheap apartment and furnishing it, and learning their way around in Southern California traffic!  Oh, and finding Alisa a job too. Sounds like quite the adventure, no??  I only wish we were in a position to help them out a little more. 

Dan is slowly recovering from surgery.  He is up and around pretty good, but still sore and still can't lift anything or do too much physically.  Looking back on everything that went on last month, we came to the realization that July was absolutely hellish.  It's kinda scary, how every month this year has been worse than the one before.   At the end of June, we were riding high, thinking that we had survived the worst of it and were on our way back up, only to get the hardest battering yet in July.  I'm really kind of scared about what might be in store for us the rest of this year.

No matter though.  We'll gird up our loins, fresh courage take. Plenty of folks have survived way worse than what we have. People keep telling me to take it one day at a time.  What they don't know is that we gave up trying to  do one whole day at a time months ago. We are down to taking 12 hours at a time, and praying for a decent night's sleep in between.  And now, I am off to face down the medical bills that have been filling up my mailbox this week!

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