Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Post Holidays

January 2 is historically the worst day of the year. The party is over. But that's good, to get the worst day of the year over with so early on, right?


Anyhow, today is not the worst day of the year for me at least. While everybody else went back to school, back to work, back to normal, I am at home, in my Christmas jammies, sitting in front of the fireplace eating orange sticks and pretending that I am still on holiday and refusing to think about all of the things that are waiting for me to do.  I only feel a little bit sluggish and unproductive when Netflix pops up and asks me if I am STILL watching.

We had an uneventful Christmas. It was nice, just quiet and less intense than most Christmases around here. I read a wise article on Facebook about just letting each Christmas be what it is, and not forcing it to be something that it's not, and being ok with that. This year, we didn't have a kitchen, we didn't have a ton of money or time and I decided to let a lot of things go and be okay with that. So we did no baking, other than a morning of cookie baking at my mom's, which Audrey and Olivia both slept through.

We also did very little shopping, and less decorating. Dan, for his part, did get the Christmas lights up and they looked fantastic! He even took them all down yesterday, which I was not emotionally prepared for, but I was not about to complain. Better to get them down a day too soon than 6 months too late.

The best part of the day was of course talking to this guy.

He is doing good. Christmas day marked fourteen months out. It's crazy how time can go so fast and so slow at the same time. Seems like he just left, seems like he's been gone forever.

Christmas Eve we went to my moms and played our Christmas game and ate pizza. And then it started snowing! It was a treacherous drive home, lots of slide offs and tow trucks. We made it safely and it was awesome to wake up to a beautiful white Christmas. Third year in a row we have had snow on Christmas eve.

We dressed up the dogs. That was cheery.

I think they liked it. Benny left his Santa suit on all night.

\We also  dressed ourselves up.

Duncan let us sleep in til 7 on Christmas morning. We got up, opened presents, then went to my cousin Pam's house for breakfast. They were nice enough to invite us up when they heard about our lack of kitchen facilities.

Apparently I pretty much sucked at taking pictures the rest of the day. This was all I got of our evening Christmas dinner. Mitch and Ria, Alisa and Erwann, and Mom and Dad came over for ham and we ate downstairs on paper plates and opened more presents. 

These two found charcoal masks in their stockings.

And that was Christmas

New Year's Eve we were back at Grandma Sally's, playing board games and working on puzzles. Grandma wanted us to sleep over, but we opted to come back to our own beds.

And then, we started off New Year's Day with a first day hike at Great Salt Lake at dusk, There was a full super moon, and it was pretty great to see it rise over the lake. We walked down the beach in the snow, it was really cold, but a fun adventure to start off 2018.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving Again

I admit, I am a big Thanksgiving scrooge. I always love getting together with my family and eating, but Thanksgiving has always rubbed me the wrong way. It seemed to me it was a holiday for men, who would sit around all day watching football until they were served this lovely meal, then they would go sit around some more and watch more football until it was time for pie, then they would sit around some more until the mess in the kitchen was cleaned up. Meanwhile, the women would be shopping, planning prepping, cooking, cleaning and scrubbing for 3 days straight. And we were supposed to be happy about it.  It just never seemed fair. Plus, it's just weird and a creepy homage to to power of advertising/culture that all over America families gather and eat the exact same foods on the exact same day. And they do this to show they are thankful?  And don't even get me started on the thankful Facebook posts. 

So this year, Audrey and Alisa did all the cooking. Like, ALL the cooking. Mom made yams, I brought drinks and Erwann made pie crust. Audrey and Alisa did everything else. And I realized that if I had ever had a sister to share Thanksgiving with, I might have felt different about it.

They had a good time. The food was great, and me and my mom went for a walk while dinner was cooking.

It was a good day, and we are all thankful.

Being Mrs Banks

Audrey has wrapped up her role as Mrs. Banks in the school musical.

She knocks my socks off.

I know I'm biased, but really, she has such a presence on stage, and the girl can sing.

It was a great show.

Sadly, she was sick  with a cold all week long, and struggled to keep up her voice. She drank hot tea, rested her voice, took Sudafed, drank lots of water, everything we could think of to help her get better. I thought she still sounded fabulous. She was a bit bereft, as Mrs. Banks would say, and felt she could have done better if she had been in tip top shape.  Even more sad, her voice kept getting worse and worse after the show was over. She basically had no voice for a few days afterwards, it's a good thing the show was the week it was and not a week later.

Anyhow, she did great, and now we are looking forward to the spring production of Footloose.

A few adoring fans.

Mrs Banks and Mary Poppins, a dynamic duo

One of the best parts for me about these shows is seeing Audrey in her element. When she comes out after the show and all her friends and castmates are there laughing and talking and congratulating each other, I realize what an amazing girl I have.