Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fair Day

The Davis County Fair was in full swing today, so we decided to make an appearance.  I can't decide what is the most interesting part of the fair: the animals or the people.  Something about county fairs brings out the most interesting mix of humanity.  Maybe it's because they all just love baby pigs as much as I do.
Seriously?  Has anything ever been so cute?   I am in love.  I want to be a pig farmer. I think he was a runt too.  He could not have weighed more than three pounds. Olivia was equally infatuated.

We also found Wilbur alive and well at the fair this year, and looking for Charlotte.    He is cute too,  but 150 pounds of cute is not as cute as 3 pounds of cute.

We also braved the petting zoo, which was full of mostly goats, but also a donkey, a llama, a camel, and a few calfs.  Audrey really connected with the goats.  Seeing as how she is famous for her goat impression, this didn't surprise me.  If you haven't heard Audrey's goat impression, you need to. 

I like this guy's approach.

And then, Olivia rode an elephant.

Look at the kid at the front.  He was riding by himself, as was Olivia, so me and his mom kind of teamed up and bonded over our kids riding an elephant together.  Only she kept saying how you never know what might happen....the elephant could get spooked over any little thing, and start to stampede, and what would any of us do,  nobody would be able to stop him, and it would be just her luck that her kid would be on the stampeding elephant.  I think she should not talk about things like that until after MY kid is off the elephant.

I know this is terrible.  It's probably animal abuse.  I did feel sorry for the elephants.  They didn't look too happy.  But I rode an elephant when I was a kid, at Hogle Zoo of all places, and I never expected to see an elephant ride again.  But it's completely out of my system now.  No more cruel elephant rides for this family.

Oh, and rest easy. There was no stampeding.  Olivia actually lucked out and got the happier elephant of the two.  The other elephant was dragging his trunk on the ground and making a lot of noise.  He was the one who was thinking about stampeding.  Olivia's elephant was quite chipper.

And here is what these two were doing during our great elephant encounter.  They were way too cool to ride any elephant.  They saved their money for necklaces.  The boys were home.  They were too cool to come to the fair at all.

We stopped by the big animals, visited the bunny barn and the chickens, and even braved the vendor booths.  We did not buy a funnel cake, or ride the rides or play any games.  We did not even spin the wheel for  a free hermit crab.  We just stopped for snow cones on the way home, and called it our day at the fair.  And it was.

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