Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Will and Audrey started school on Monday- 10th and 8th grades respectively.  I do have pictures to prove it, but now our computer has crashed and if I download my pictures to this old laptop I am working on, I run the risk of a) crashing this computer, and b) never seeing my pictures again.  So pictures will have to wait, but trust me, they were and are adorable, and they both survived the first days just fine, although being back in school has exhausted both of them.   Will has been taking long naps after school, and  they are  looking forward to a long, lazy  Labor Day weekend.

Ok, now for meatier stuff.

With all the storms of life that have been swirling around us this year, I have gotten to know my bishop pretty well lately.  He has shepherded me through some pretty ugly stuff recently, and has been a huge support to my family, and honestly, I couldn't have picked a better spiritual leader for me than he has been.  And tonight, he gave me a homework assignment.  He referenced a talk by Henry B Eyring from October 2007, and encouraged me to start writing down ways that I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life.

Yeah, so this is SO not me.  I am not really comfy sharing things like that.   I pretty much hate the thoughts of putting myself "out there" like that. And no, my bishop never told me to blog about it, only to write it down.  And at first, I figured I would just write it down in my private little notebook so that nobody could judge me. But really, what good will that do?  I want it somewhere so my kids can see those things, and remember them, and think about them. Plus, putting it on here will make me more accountable to actually do it.  So, fair warning here:  it's about to get spiritual.  So, if you don't want to go there, then read no further.

It's a good question though.  What HAS God done for me lately?  I can think of things I believe He did for me a few months ago, but how about today? I mean other than the obvious stuff, like life and breath. 

But, come to think of it,  maybe  I should just state the obvious, and end with where I began, and that would be with my bishop.   My bishop is where I saw God's hand in my life today. He spent an hour with just me tonight, an hour that I know he had at least 40 other important things he could have been doing. He didn't get paid for the time he spent with me. He has no personal investment in the outcome of my life.  If he wasn't my bishop, he would be just another guy that lives down the street from me.  But in that hour, he literally lifted burdens off my shoulders, raised my spirits, and inspired me to think and do better. His motivation to do all that, not just for me but for anybody else that needs it, comes from his faith.  And tonight, I am thankful for that faith.

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