Monday, August 19, 2013

First of Third

Today is the first day of school for Olivia.

 Third Grade
 Olivia can't believe she is going into third grade. She says she feels way too young to be a third grader.  I feel the exact same way.

 It should be a good year though.  Miracle of all miracles, we managed to get in the same class with our friend and carpool buddy, Ella. They haven't been in the same class together since kindergarten.  Their other good friend Cassie is in the same class too, but Cassie was home sick today.  I'm excited for them all to be in the same class together.
Our school has gone to year round this year.  Boo. That means that she will be in third grade until next July 3.  Double boo.   It also means she started a week before Will and Audrey, who will both start next Monday.  I must say that this is the calmest first day of school I have ever had. Which is ironic, since both Dan and I were around this year to manage things.  It is a far cry from the days when I was on my own with five kids in three different schools, running around trying to get everybody to their new classes on time and get pictures taken and fighting the first-day crowds, and with a baby in my arms to boot.  Olivia's track was the only track starting this year, which means that only a quarter of the usual crowd was there.   And there were two of us to wrangle only one kid.  It was weird.  Nice, but weird. Maybe next Monday will be a little more of the crazy that seems normal.

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