Tuesday, December 1, 2015


We had such a great little Thanksgiving this year.  We opted for the "small group" option this year, and stayed home. Alisa and Erwann flew in for the weekend. Since they aren't going to be with us for Christmas this year (sniff sniff), it was great to have them here. Although, I must say, I really missed our warm, beach-themed Thanksgivings that we have enjoyed in Southern California the past two years. Oh well. Maybe next year.

 Thankful for sister time

 No Metcalf Thanksgiving celebration would be complete without a little dog torture. Piper was not a fan of the werewolf mask.

And here is our whole crew. Grandma Sally, Aunt Carole, Will, Alisa, Erwann, Duncan, Dan, Grandpa Dee, Olivia, Audrey, Mitch and me, (not pictured, as usual, not complaining, just stating a fact).  We started a new tradition of weighing in before the meal, and then again after. Mitch won, he gained like five pounds. I gained two and a half. 

The rest of the Thanksgiving weekend was relaxing and peaceful.  We ate breakfast out every day.We took Erwann Black Friday shopping for about 20 minutes, which was enough for all of us.  Audrey, Alisa and I had a girl's night out and saw Mockingjay. Erwann got to go to two basketball games, one at the U, and a Jazz game, that he took Alisa and Dan to, for Dan's birthday. And then, they flew home on Sunday.  But not before we got the tree decorated.
 And, now, let the Christmas Carols begin!!!

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