Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Since I've No Place to Go

The weather got frightful yesterday and dumped about six or so inches of snow on our little corner of paradise. Another dump was forecasted for this morning, but that fizzled out and only  turned out to be another inch or so. Still, it's perfect weather to sit at  home and pretend like I am snowed in today. Olivia is spending a few days with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Dan, and the other kids are at school and mission, so I have a few blissful moments to myself at home. I should probably be panicking about Christmas, but I think I will just make fudge instead.
Before the snow, we took Piper (and the kids) to see Christmas lights- the kind that are set to music.  She was enthralled. She sat up and stared out the window through the whole 20 minute show. Her head bobbed up and down in time to the bouncing lights and she barked every time the inflatable snow man deflated and inflated. Stupid dog.
 We are thinking about making this our 2016 Christmas card.

That same night, Audrey was off at Woods Cross High School, winning FIRST PLACE in duo interpretation at a speech and debate tournament. She took third place last time she competed, so she was justifiable excited to take first this time. And yeah, we are pretty proud of her too. 

This is where Hokey chose to wait out the storm. Dumb cat won't have anything to do with anybody most of the time and will most likely bite you if you try to pet him. Just get out the laptop though, and settle down in a comfy chair to get some work done, and he is all over you. Perched right on top of the key board, begging for some attention. 
 He looks like he is ready for Christmas, right?

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