Saturday, December 26, 2015

Meowy Christmas

Christmas Day 2015 is already history and we totally rocked it. I got TWO naps. Mitch came out Christmas Eve and stayed last night as well, and it's been great having him around, as we barely see him anymore. Dan cooked dinner. Everybody got what they asked for, and not much else, which served to simplify the entire shopping/wrapping/worrying gift process. I didn't even count to see if each kid was getting the right amount of gifts this year. I'm sure it's a sign of age or of too many Christmases where I was the boss, but I just don't care that much anymore if Christmas is perfect.  Although, this Christmas was pretty close.

I was the only one that got truly surprised, and that was when Santa brought me a camera. A really nice camera that I might have to go back to college to learn how to use. So,  be on the look out for some super artistic stuff on here. Maybe.

Alisa keeps sending us pictures of lovely European places and French food.  My parents were here yesterday when she called on Facetime, and they were absolutely astounded that we could see and hear her from so far away. We said hi to Erwann's family, got a tour of their darling house, and met Felix the dog. Grandma Sally just cannot believe what we do with our little gadgets.

Okay, now let's talk for a moment about the cats. We still have three cats. I keep thinking that I cannot take having three cats for one more day.  And yet, here they all are.  Every morning, Buck finds whoever is up first and follows them around meowing plaintively until he gets fed either his milk or some smelly disgusting canned cat food. He will not settle for dry. He has bad teeth though, so I can't fault him for that. When Belle hears the fridge open, she comes running too (well, hobbling, she doesn't really run anymore), knowing that Buck has been successful in his food quest and now she can cash in as well.  We have to put Piper out while they eat. She cannot stand that the cats get to eat smelly disgusting squishy food while she is stuck with Iams - poor thing, so we have to put her out. She stands at the back door and barks, scratches, jumps and makes a fool out of  herself while the cats eat, and as soon as we let her back in, she bolts over to their food dishes and takes care of whatever remnant remains.  Hokey, our third and youngest cat, is much too proud and independent to take part in this debacle. He won't touch canned cat food. He is either outside or asleep on the couch in the living room, recovering from his nightly hunt. He is definitely a Republican survivalist.

Belle on the other hand, has decided that the only worthy watering  hole for her delicate constitution is the bathroom. She refuses to drink from anywhere else. So after she eats, she goes into the hallway bathroom, sits down, and meows loudly until one of us brings her some water in a bowl.  It doesn't actually have to be bathroom water, it only has to be served there. Why do we cater to her this way? I have no idea, other than she is old, blind, deaf, and we feel sorry for her. And, she has lived with us long enough that she has us well trained.  Also, because she is blind and deaf, she gets stepped on a lot. She doesn't move too quickly anymore and she can't hear us coming, so oftentimes she is sitting in our way as we rush around and we accidentally trip over her. Then she yells at us. And then we feel guilty for abusing an old cat.

Speaking of cats, Christmas continues today with the annual trek to the Fort. Cedar Fort, that is, with cats, dogs and rodents aplenty. Fun will be had by all, I am sure.

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