Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Time is Here

It's feeling festive around here today with snow falling, Christmas music playing, snowman and snow cat building, gingerbread baking, present wrapping, and house cleaning.  We have gifts for neighbors to deliver and I'm sure a few last minute shopping trips we will have to make. Whatever is going to happen better start happening fast. Olivia asked what day it was, and when I said it was the 22nd, she said, "The 22nd! That means only one more day til Christmas!"  "No, it's three more days til Christmas" I told her.  "Not if you don't count today and Christmas!" she says. I like the way she thinks. Anyway, it's going to feel like only a day for sure.

Here is their snow cat. and Audrey's cute hat.

Then Dad even got in on the action and whipped up this guy to go with Snowcat.

Alisa and Erwann left today for a combination belated honeymoon and Christmas vacation to Europe. It will be a different Christmas without them here. No crepes. Nobody in the guest bedroom this  year.  No trips to the airport, which is a first for us in about four years. Just a quiet little Christmas with seven of us, which we plan to revel in, since who knows what next year will bring. And. we will be glad when the Hickels get home on the tenth of January. Some trip, huh? The glamorous life of my daughter.

Now, on to those gingerbread men.

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