Thursday, November 19, 2015

Goodbye Princesses

It all started with my neighbor deciding to sell her daughter's adorable bedroom set for a ridiculously good price. Olivia has been using an old, old, OLD dresser since she was born, as in probably close to 100 years old. The drawers were falling apart, and falling out, and it was not big enough. So, I jumped on the bedroom set, which then involved calling up my home teacher to get his truck and bring it home for me, which resulted in this:
Will taking a cold ride in the back of the truck to hold the furniture in. Fortunately, it was a short ride.

Then, once we got the furniture home, and her bedroom torn apart, I realized that I could not in good conscience go to all the work of switching out furniture without repainting her room.
Which led to saying goodbye to these wall stickers that we put up when we moved in.
  I started to pull them down while she was at school, then I stopped, for fear that she would be sad they had come down without her.  I thought about trying to save them so we could put them back up if she really wanted them. Then I thought, oh well, and just pulled them all down and threw them away. She never even noticed they were gone.

 And a before shot. Excuse the unmade bed. This is pretty standard around here.

After I shed a few tears over  the loss of the princess stickers andmy baby growing up and growing out of princesses, we got down to the business of painting. Olivia was all over that, and turned out to be a pretty good helper.

And now she has a fresh and clean room with new to her furniture, three spring green walls and one fresh hyacinth wall. A month later, we are still getting around to touching up a few spots and getting her a new bedspread. So no after shot  yet. And I have yet to put my paintbrushes away, since Audrey is now making noise about moving her bedroom downstairs.

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