Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Fifth Day of Christmas

So far, we have taken a lot of dog pictures with our new camera. I shall gallantly restrain myself from posting all of them.

Other than dog pictures, we managed to get Grandma on Christmas with her eyes closed. I know she will appreciate that one.  Sorry mom.

The day after Christmas, we headed out to the Fort. Kids played in the snow, Audrey and Sydney drove them around on 4-wheelers, and they visited the horses.

You will have to take my word for it, since I do not have photographic proof, but the Metcalf have NEIGHBORS. Real live neighbors, with  houses, on both sides of them in close proximity.  I think there are seven  houses on their road now. Bizarro.
 This is just one shot of the cousin chaos that reigned. Olivia loves her some cousin time.

The next day, we braved the elements and took a family trip to see the lights downtown. It was cold, but MUCH less crowded than it was a few weeks ago when I took a quick stroll through there.

I was thinking that I have seen the lights on temple square at least forty times in my life, probably more. I don't think I'd be heartbroken if I never saw them again, except for the fact that I am compelled to give my kids the same memories of being dragged all over downtown in the cold.It just wouldn't  feel like Christmas was complete if we skipped it. Also, it was an activity that got the male members of this family out of the house for a while and away from the brand new PlayStation 4 that we got for Christmas. I have not seen much of any of them since that thing was opened Christmas morning.

Audrey and Olivia spent last night having cousin sleepovers, Audrey at Sydney's and Olivia with the Jacksons. I was going to attempt to be motivated today and get some Christmas things put away. Then I realized it's only the fifth day of Christmas, so what is my rush?  Instead, we have Christmas music playing, and I'm trying to finish off the gingerbread.  Maybe I should finish my Christmas shopping too. There are just a few items to finish up, and  yes, I am the world's best procrastinator.

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