Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mocha Me Crazy

A really bad thing happened a few days ago. And then, it happened again today. See,  I was shopping at Target last week, and I innocently stumbled upon these mocha flavored M&M's that were strategically placed at the register, where I couldn't help noticing them. They practically threw themselves into my cart, and I naively allowed myself to be taken in by them.  Now, mocha seems to be one of those things that nobody sits on the fence with. You either love mocha or you hate it. So, if you are one of those crazies that does not like mocha, well, all I can say is, as you were.  But if you love mocha, oh my word. Prepare to swoon.  These mocha M&M's are just life changing.  I bought one bag, ate almost the entire bag on the way home, then obsessed over them day and night for a week. Finally, tonight, I made it back to Target to get some more and thank heavens there were still some there. I was so worried they were going to be sold out by the time I got back. And then I would have had to cry a little bit.  I bought five bags.  I just can't even explain in words how tasty these little buggers are.

The really bad part of all of this is that lately, I have zero self control over anything I eat, and even less over things involving chocolate and mocha. I joined Gold's gym last night in an effort to get back into shape, and I'm sure that I have since eaten at least four times the amount of calories I expended in exercise, just in sugar.  I would blame Christmas, but really, it's been a problem since the wedding.

I was looking over old blog posts from 2012 tonight. I am finally getting ready to splurge and order my blog book from that year. And after looking at 2012, I have resolved to do two things. The first thing is to blog more. There are so many things from 2012 that I completely forgot about until I read my blog and saw the pictures, and I'm so glad I have those posts. It seems harder to write these days, maybe because everyone is older and more private and boring, but I am vowing to be a better blogger in 2016 than I have lately.

And the second resolve is to lose some stinking weight already. I lost a bunch of weight at the beginning of 2012, and looking at the pictures from that time makes me want to get motivated to do it again. I just have to realize that Mocha M&M's are NOT MY FRIENDS, no matter how sweet they seem to be to me.  I love them, but they are just not right for me. Our value systems will never mesh.

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