Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday Wranglings

It's Wednesday again. It seems like it is always Wednesday. I have a day off today, which means it is the day I stay home and let the dog and cats out and in and out all day long.  The dog goes out, and tramples the cats as they hover near the door waiting to get in. Then the dog realizes the cats are in so she barks to come back in. Then I get sick of all these cats laying around my house so I throw them all out. Next thing I know the dog  is begging  to go out so she can bark at the neighbor. When I let her out, the cats all come stampeding in again.  I don't know how they all survive on the days they are home alone. In addition to attending to the needs of my furry children today, I plan on throwing away a few things so that I can say I did my spring cleaning. Duncan is home today as well. He has a break from the mill because there is a devotional and dinner tonight.

Olivia went back to school on Monday after a three week break, so it is adjustment week around here. Then again, with year round school, it seems we are always in adjustment mode. We got the calendar for next school year, and the school gods have been merciful and granted us a full three weeks off in July! Woo hoo! We must be living right. She gets out July 1 and starts sixth grade on July 26. That is like a third of a real summer!

I can't believe that I will only have two kids left in school next year. I could really get ahead of myself and think ahead to the next year, when I will be done forever as the parent of an elementary school aged child. But I don't want to go there yet. Olivia in junior high is a thought I am just not ready to entertain yet. Life is moving way too fast.

She got up late this morning, and as we were getting ready to run out the door, she announced it was class picture day. Her hair was a bit wild, and I attempted to tame it, but she was having nothing to do with that. It's only class pictures after all, she informed me. So I backed off and let her go with her crazy hair. Then she forgot her picture money anyway, so oh well. Maybe we will get a year book instead.

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