Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hand Over the Peeps and Nobody Gets Hurt

Let's just be honest here: In spite of my best efforts to maintain my new and hard won eating habits, I have fallen off the wagon of health.  Well, no it's more like I have cannonballed off that wagon and landed none too gracefully in a soothing sea of Easter candy.  Did you know that if you get the words "it's more" spaced out wrong, it becomes "it s'more" ? S'mores are good, and it's almost campfire season!

Moderation? What's that?  I was just going to buy a few sweet things for Easter baskets, but there were sales and stuff, and now, you know, a lot of it just ended up in my mouth. Especially those yellow peeps. They get a bad rap, but they are so my favorite. So if the Easter Bunny fills your basket with Peeps this year, and you don't know what to do with them, send them my way.  I'll take good care of them. Even if they are last year's peeps, I'll still eat them. I think they get better with age. There is so much sugar in there, I bet they stay good indefinitely. They just get chewier.

I'm so glad I'm not addicted to anything harder than sugar. If I was a smoker or an alcoholic or a meth head, I'd be in big trouble. There are some things that just seem to make life worth living sometimes, and fortunately for  me those things are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and diet coke. And Peeps. All legal substances, and nothing my bishop will concern himself with. I can take a month without those things, but the rest of my life without them would be daunting. So to any recovering addicts of Peeps or anything else, who happen to stumble upon this blog, I salute you! You are my inspiration.

P.S. It's only Easter Peeps. Do not send me Christmas Peeps, Halloween Peeps or Valentines Peeps. Those things are disgusting.

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