Friday, March 25, 2016

No Restraints

Today was a memorable today to say the least.

The burning question of the day was how much chocolate does it take to kill a dog? And the answer is a lot. Apparently much more than is contained in 12 no bake cookies and 36 mini cadbury eggs, which is how much chocolate my damn dog got this morning when she climbed up on the table, tore apart a styrofoam container and devoured all of these adorable bird nest cookies I had loving made the night before for my neighbor.

That dog is lucky it was Audrey that discovered her handiwork and not me. She is lucky I was at work and not at home to ring her neck. When Audrey called me with the awful news, I confess that I really hoped that all that chocolate she ate would lead to her slow, agonizing, painful death by chocolate. She never even threw up, although Audrey said she looked sick. Serves her right. I  hope she was miserable all day.  I wanted to come home and knock her silly and demand to know what she was thinking. She knows better than that, I know she does.

I immediately texted Dan to tell him what had happened. His response amused me. I keep him around because he makes me laugh.

Tonight, the dog of the iron stomach is just fine. I'm still not talking to her though.

As if that was not enough excitement for one day, Audrey got her driver's license! Dan got to take her this afternoon while I was at work.

And then, almost immediately after, she drove herself to her first day at her new job! It's like overnight she is a full on sixteen year old.

Today, March 25, is also the 16th anniversary of the day she was due to be born. She must be destined for big things on this day. I sure do love that girl.

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