Thursday, March 31, 2016

History for Days

I hate blogging from my phone. But we conquered the metro in D.C. today and I feel compelled to share our triumph.
We decided a few months ago to take Will to Washington D.C. as kind of a senior trip thing. And no, our other kids did not get a senior trip. Sometimes, life is not fair.
Anyway, so here we are, staying in Arlington, VA and seeing the sights.   We flew in to Baltimore on a red eye and landed about five this morning. Today we went to Arlington National Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, did a walk by of the Washington monument, and as I mentioned, managed to get ourselves to as Lloyd those places and back to our hotel room on the metro. No small feat. We had help from a saint named Allison who is an attorney here that we met at the train station. A few other friendly souls took pity on us along the way as well. 
I'm snapping a few pics along the way, and Dan brought the big guns camera as well. It will be a well documented trip.

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