Monday, October 6, 2014

Please Stay Nine for More Than One Year

Tonight Olivia and I were lying on the couch together.  I was scratching her arm.  Then she says to me, " Oh, Mom, stop that. You are making me drool!"

I think that means she liked it.

I love that kid.  She wakes up in the morning chattering, chatters all through breakfast, getting dressed, driving to school, then stops long enough to kiss me goodbye.  Then as soon as she gets home, or I get home, whichever comes last, she starts in again.  The girl's mind goes about forty times faster than mine, and most of the time, I'm not really sure what she is talking about, because she is about three subjects ahead of where I left off,  but she is so cheerful that it's contagious.  So I smile and nod a lot, and just enjoy listening to her talk.

She tells me at least eleven times a day how much she loves me.  She kisses and hugs me every chance she gets, and I can't help noticing when she wraps her arms around me how tall she is getting.

I just really love that kid.

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