Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Wear. And Tear

Can I just say that this Halloween is killing me?  Shouldn't Halloween get easier when your kids get older?  This year, our Halloween preparation has taken on the dimensions and weight of Christmas, and I'm ready to drop dead.

First off, Audrey, who originally was not going to dress up as anything at all this year, now has not one, not two, but THREE different costumes. One of them is my fault because  I had the brilliant idea that since I had to dress up as an Incredible for work, that the whole family should dress up as the Incredibles for our ward Halloween Party, which is tomorrow night.    I got a deal on shirts with the Incredibles logo on them, and have since been running all over trying to find the rest of the gear we need, like red spandex pants.  Never mind that the boys are refusing to be seen in spandex in public. I have been on a quest, and nothing can deter me.  Anyway, that's costume one for Audrey.

Her next costume is the church's fault.  She has to dress up as something scary for the spook alley that the young women put on during the party. Tonight I have to teach myself how to transform someone into an acceptable version of the living dead  using  only a four dollar make up kit from Walmart.. We have to figure that out tonight, in the hour and a half before bedtime and  after I finish whipping up the chili for tomorrow night's church chili cook off. Her last costume is her friend Kaitlyn's fault. Kaitlyn decided that she and Audrey needed to dress up as Batman and Robin for a party at the local fun center on Halloween night.  And, since Kaitlyn already had her Robin costume, guess who Audrey gets to be? Only these days, apparently Batman and Robin wear leggings and tutus, so also tonight sometime, I will be stitching together a yellow Batman tutu.

Olivia has two costume changes.  First, she will be in her Incredibles outfit for tomorrow night. But her REAL trick or treat costume is going to be a zombie (reference above make up tutorial).  We need to practice her make up and get her zombie dress ready.

Duncan, Will and Dan are all easy. They are grudgingly going to wear their Incredibles t shirts tomorrow night,   Halloween night, who knows?  I'm pretty sure Duncan will whip up some kind of costume and hit the streets for a little trick or treating.  I used to try to tell him he is too  old, but I've given up that battle. He is a kid at heart, and if he has the gumption to go knocking on doors for candy, more power to him.

And me?  I still have to track down pharmacy appropriate red spandex pants for work on Friday.  I don't know that I am secure enough to show up at church in my spandex.  For that matter, I'm not sure I'm secure enough to wear spandex to work. Even if my boss is wearing it too,  He is much shaplier than am I.

On top of all that, there are still pumpkins to carve and candy to buy. I can't wait to  get everything done and then flop myself on the couch on Friday night. Then get up and answer the door for trick or treaters. Then flop on the couch. Then answer the door. Then flop, then up. About a hundred and fifty times.

But then, Saturday morning, we can start dreaming of Thanksgiving on the beach again this year....

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