Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Getting our Nerd On! And a Surprise for Will!

Tonight was nerd bowling for Young Womens.  Audrey makes a pretty good nerd, I think.

We had fake zits and everything.  I wish we had gotten a shot of her rainbow socks and red converse shoes..

Also, tonight there was a momentous occasion at our house. 

Will got asked to the Sadie Hawkins dance!!

 This is how it happened: The doorbell rang at 9:15, and I opened it to find a strange young woman standing on my front porch holding a rubber lizard and a poster board.  She asked if my child was home, and since I saw the name "Will" on the poster, and the words "Sadie Hawkins",  I put two and two together pretty darn quick, and figured out what she was there for.  I rooted Will out of his bedroom (fortunately, he was still up) and told him he had a visitor upstairs.  He asked if he shoudl be afraid, and I said yes, very.

When he got upstairs, the girl said she was only the messenger, and proceeded to give him a cute little poem in an Indian accent about a lizard and going to the dance.  Then she handed him the lizard and the poster which said "Will, (picture of a whale) you go to Sadie Hawkins with me? We will have a turtley good time!"  and a Ninja Turtle puzzle with a note that said to put the puzzle together to find out who asked him.  He already had a pretty good idea who it was, but we put it together, and it was from Kelli, a friend from orchestra.

His first date! I'm way more excited than he is.  I think he is more excited than he is letting on.  Now we  have to come up with an intriguing way of answering her.  I'm thinking iguanas.

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