Monday, September 29, 2014

Will Work For Money

Last year about this time, when Dan was still unemployed, Will found out he had the chance to go on an orchestra trip to San Diego in the spring.  The sweet kid never said a word about it, because he figured we couldn't afford it, and he didn't want us stressing out about how to pay for it.  He rightly assumed that if I knew there was a trip in the works, I would want him to go.  By  the time I found out about the trip, the deadline for signing up had passed, and there was, at that point, no way we could have come up with the money anyway.  

I was so sad that he didn't get to go.  I was touched that he was considerate enough to not want to add to our financial burden, but I also tried to explain to him that there are some things in life that we will just make happen, and that high school orchestra trips are one of those things. But we have to know ahead of time if we are going to make plans.  I think I was more upset that he missed the trip than he was.  That is because I have the added value of perspective.

Well, last year is water under the bridge, but this year, we are full steam ahead to get this kid on the San Diego trip.  It is coming up in March, and he needs $700.00.  He is working, but he is already saving most of thatFo money for a mission, which  oddly enough, is coming up  in just a few short years.  So we (I) am brainstorming ways for him to earn an extra hundred bucks per month for the next six months to pay for his trip.  Should he sell something? Try to do odd jobs on top of his part time job and his three hours of homework every night?  And yes, he really does have about three hours of homework every night.  That is what honors math, honors English, chemistry and orchestra will do to you.

We have thought about selling candy bars door to door, selling sugar cookies for Christmas, babysitting, washing cars, GoFundMe (which I really hate) and hitting up the relatives, but nothing seems really practical.  The orchestra will be doing a few fund raisers, but I think he would do better on his own. It seems like with the holidays coming up, there should be something he could do to earn some extra moolah.

Gift wrap services anyone?

Oh, and speaking of gift wrap, it's also fundraising time at Olivia's school!  Call us if you need some overpriced but really cute gift wrap!

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