Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bonus Day

Due to a scheduling snafu, I had an unexpected and very welcome day off from work today.

Even better, I was able to emerge from my recent state of inertia and actually accomplish a few things. In fact, I was so darn productive today it was downright frightening.  Not that anyone could tell by looking around here, but I worked my tail off today.

Here is what I did all day:

-Cleaned out the  new fridge for the first time ever.  It is amazing what can collect in a fridge in three months time.  I love love love my new fridge, but boy is it a bugger to clean.

-Baked cookies- oatmeal chocolate chip with whole wheat and coconut oil, so that we can call them breakfast.

-Whipped up a bunch of smoothies for breakfast and froze them for busy mornings.

-Cleaned up the kitchen mess.

-Did laundry- washed, dried folded AND put away.

-Cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer

-Cleaned off the stove and all the burners

-Delivered long-over due baby gifts to our two neighbors with new babies.

-Took Audrey to the doctor

-Went to Walmart (Scary)

-Took a ride in Mitch's new car- it's a very nice ride, and I  highly approve

-Took Will to work, and  successfully talked him through a very high drama, emotionally charged crisis which was that he got asked by a second girl to the Sadie's dance, and he had to tell her he couldn't go.  At my urging, he delivered flowers to her doorstep along with a note that says he owes her a dance.  She was happy, he is relieved, and Mom knows best.  What can I say? My son is a babe.

-Cooked dinner.

-Cleaned up the kitchen AGAIN after dinner.

Now, we are going to celebrate the beginning of Fall Break by watching Godzilla.  The kids are out of school for the next four days.  I have to go back to work tomorrow and Friday, but it sure was good to have today.


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