Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When the Dad's Away

Part of Dan's new job responsibility involves going to an interminably long meeting on Tuesday nights.  Long as in it is not unusual for this meeting to last until two in the morning long. Which kind of sucks, except that it also means that he usually gets Friday afternoons off to compensate.  Most Tuesday nights, he has been staying at my mom and dad's, to avoid having to avoid a turn around commute on Wednesday mornings. That means that, although we miss having Dad around on Tuesday  nights, we have chosen to make the best of it, and Tuesdays are kind of a party around here.  As much of a party as you can have on a school night anyway.

Tonight, we had a full on sleep-over, with a movie and treats and music videos.  Olivia is sleeping in my bed tonight, along with the dog.   So that should be fun.  We invited Audrey to sleep with us, but she chose the wiser path and stayed in her own bed.

We also did a practice run on Olivia's  zombie makeup.  Audrey is our resident make up artist. I am no good at makeup . My technique involves slathering a whole bunch of stuff on the kid's face three minutes before they walk out the door, and trusting in the dark night to make it look scary. So having time to practice is something new for us.

And here is a picture of a sunset.

Here is hoping that Halloween night is as nice as tonight was.

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