Saturday, October 11, 2014


I just went to the mall in my pajamas and flip flops, which I'm pretty sure caused my Grandma Paulson to roll over in her grave.  Grandma was of the mind that you didn't go anywhere without your nice conservative heels on and your lipstick applied.  But my pajamas are yellow with gray elephants on them, and I wore a gray jacket and maroon flip flops, so at least I was color coordinated.  The thing was, Duncan and Will worked for our neighbor today, rolling up sod, and they each earned $30, and Duncan has been saving for a while for a certain game, so it was imperative that we get to the mall  tonight, but I didn't know this until I already doing my Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD in my pajamas.  And changing back into clothes would have been too much to ask.

Before all that happened, and while Will and Duncan and Dan were all hard at work, the girls and me picked up Grandma and Grandpa for a day on the town.

The town of Heber, that is. 

We had a lovely drive up the canyon, and stopped at Chick's Cafe on Main Street for lunch.  Chick's is where my dad would stop on his way up fishing on Strawberry, and we must have stopped there a few times on camping trips as well because I sure do remember it.

Then we headed over to  The Homestead and visited  The Crater.  How have I lived in Utah all my life and I never knew there was a giant hot springs at The Homestead that you can go swimming in?  We didn't swim today as we were ill prepared, but will for sure make another trip.  Audrey and Olivia even want to try scuba diving.  It is 65 feet deep, so it would be a great place to give it a try.

This is the view from the top of the hot spring.  There is a bridge built over the top of it so you can look down and see folks swimming way beneath your feet.  We also went underneath and inside to where the pool is.

Then we ventured over to the hotel grounds to see the Halloween displays set up.  Olivia was not sure she wanted to get very close to this scary thing.

And Audrey found her frog prince.

We took Provo Canyon home to see the fall colors, and wow what a show the mountains are putting on right now.  These pictures are not worth a thousand words, but in person, the view was spectacular.

Beautiful weather, good food, lovely scenery, and wonderful company.  What a great Saturday.

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