Saturday, November 8, 2014


Aww, my littlest boy is off on his first date today.  It's a Sadie Hawkins dance, and they decided to dress up like greasers.

I'm glad I snuck in a couple pictures of him before his date picked him  up.  I had big plans of getting some shots of the two of them together, but in typical Will form, he answered the door, and was off down the street before I even knew what happened.  They are getting pictures taken today sometime, so hopefully, I might get a glance at those one day.

He was pretty adamant about NOT greasing his hair back, but I was like, "Will! You're supposed to be a greaser! They call them greasers because their hair is greased back! Now sit down and let me do your hair!" And he did.  I am kind of amazed I won that battle.

I can't believe my youngest son is 16 and just drove off in a car with a girl.  First dates can be so stressful.  At least for the mom.  I'm pretty sure I fretted over this day much more than he did.  And now I'll be fretting a little about him all day, hoping he is having a good time and being nice.

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