Monday, May 6, 2013

Nothing to See Here

It feels like there is nothing to say on here anymore. Life goes on.  I go to work, Dan looks for a job, everybody gets a day older.  That is about it. Not much on the horizon to indicate that anything is changing anytime soon. I don't know how long life as we know it can go on like this.  I probably should know that, but I don't. 

Alisa is an official college graduate.  Well, technically, she is not official until she gets her actual diploma.  She got the cover for the diploma, with  a sweet little note inside of it, reminding her that she has actually NOT graduated officially yet, until grades are in and the REAL diplomas are mailed out.  But she has walked the walk.  Graduation ceremonies were held Saturday in Logan.  That was a good day.  It was also a rather long and boring day as far as  ceremonies were concerned.   Lots of long winded speakers talking about how successful they were.  Orrin Hatch got an honorary doctorate.  I'm sure he will send more of his money there now.  Then we got lots of good pictures of her looking adorable in her cap and gown, and we got free Aggie ice cream. I would post some pictures, but my camera is with Dan in the car, wherever he is, so pictures will have to wait.

I feel old, having a child with a college degree.  I know, I know, if she didn't have a college degree, she and I would still be the same ages by now.  But having that milestone behind her makes me realize I am getting old, and life is passing by too darn quickly.  There were so many things I was going to do with her and for her, that for one reason or another just never came to pass. 

So, in summary,  I have nothing to say,  I have no direction, I  feel old, and I am filled with regret.  Now isn't that a nice way to end a Monday?  Hopefully Tuesday will be brighter.  Hopefully on Tuesday, I will post some pictures of my beautiful, educated daughter, and write about what a happy, hopeful day her graduation really was.

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