Monday, May 13, 2013

Crunch Time

What's going on around here you ask?  Here is a list:

May 16- Audrey's honors assembly
May 17- Olivia's birthday
May 18- move Alisa out of Logan
May 20- Alisa leaves for France
May something, really hoping its in between here somewhere, but we don't know yet- Will's end of year concert
May 29- Duncan's end of year concert
May 30-  Duncan's seminary graduation
June 1- Olivia's baptism
June 6- Duncan's high school graduation

I am sure there are a few more end of year things that I am forgetting about that we will have to sandwich in there somehow.  June 7th  is the last day of school.  June 8th  I am going to sleep all day.  No. Wait.  I have a work party that day.  June 9th . June 9th I will sleep. We will all sleep.  After church of course.

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