Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May the Fourth

 Alisa received a bachelor of arts degree in French from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.  Here are a few shots of the afternoon ceremony.

A sea of graduate. She is in there somewhere.  Of course the French department was at the very back, and NONE of her professors showed up.

Oh there she is, I am assuming sitting with some of her fellow Frenchies.  Most of the other grads in her department were guys.  I think she said there was one other girl. I bet most of them are returned missionaries.  That is only my hunch.

The up close and personal shot.

And she is walking up to get her diploma!
I texted her last minute and told her to make darn sure they pronounced her name right.  We did not want to hear that Alyssa Metcalf had just received a degree in French.  Ironically, the lady who read her name was some  German who came pretty close on ALISA  KELLY but massacred  the METCALF

The handshake makes it official.
And she did it! 

Didn't I tell you? Smart and beautiful.  And stylish.
I have more pictures of the earlier university ceremonies.  Maybe tomorrow I will have the gumption to get them off my phone and on to here.  I have vowed to not procrastinate posting pictures on here any more.  Once you get behind, it seems like you never get caught up. Constant vigilance, that's what is needed.

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