Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Honorable Mentions

A few days ago, I got THIS:

in my messages.

My boy made the honor roll at Weber State! What a stud!  This past semester was a bit of a hellish experience for him, and he pulls off the honor roll.  And to think this is the same person that COULD NOT seem to get a single homework assignment turned in on time in high school.  My how things change.  We couldn't be prouder of him and the direction he is heading.

Then this kid: (the tall one in the middle)

finally graced us with the knowledge that his year end orchestra concert was on May 21.  He texted me at 4 pm. On May 21.  I was at work in Logan, but managed to beat it down the hill in time to catch his last ever junior high orchestra concert.  It was worth the wait.

Here he is with some of his orchestra buddies playing in an ensemble.
And the last number was the song from the movie UP so they brought out a bunch of balloons.  So cute!

Alisa has made it safely to France.  They spent a day or two in Brighton, England before taking off on a ferry across the English Channel.  What a life.  To think that on Sunday she was kicking around here with us, and a day later she is eating fish and chips in the UK.  I would say it is not fair, but she worked hard and made it happen.  Go Alisa.

We found out today Duncan needs a root canal.  That should be all kinds of fun. How does an 18 year old kid who has had regular dental care all his life wind up needing a root canal? I blame soda.  I am going to ban it from his life forever. Or at least until he is paying his own dental bills.

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