Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Round One-Still Standing

Whew. Got THAT weekend over with.  I didn't know how we would get  it all done.  Truthfully, we didn't get it ALL done, but we got the important stuff done.   And somehow we survived.  Remind me to never again host a birthday party on Friday, move a daughter out of her apartment on Saturday, and see her off to Europe on Monday.  And this weekend is only round one of the knock down drag out that is the rest of our May.

Alisa mocks me for my insistence on taking pictures of her and her apartments on the day she moves out of them.  She also gets slightly annoyed.  No matter though.  I know that one day she will thank me. So, on Saturday, as she was packing up the rest of her things and preparing to say goodbye FOREVER to being a resident of Logan, Utah, and insisting that she was not the least bit sad to be leaving, I was my usual annoying self, snapping pictures of it all, and knowing that one day she will thank me for it.  She will thank me even more that I posted them on here.  

Now those are some white walls. Bet she will miss those big old closets she had all to herself.  Bet she won't find closet space like that in France.

I'm pretty sure she is just so glad to be out of this apartment.  Getting out of the lease proved tricky. And stressful. For all of us. Her. Me. My friend who was her landlord.  Between the three of us, plus Alisa's other roommate, it was a veritable mine field.  Potential explosions at every turn. We seem to have navigated it with mostly pleasant feelings intact. 

And now, Alisa is homeless once more.

Then, nearly as soon as we got her home with us, she starts packing to leave again.  Silly girl is going to go live out of a suitcase for the summer again.

  On Sunday, we we made our traditional attempt at a group photo.  This was about the best that it got.  One day, I will remember to not wait until the last minute to do this.  One day, everybody will be wearing decent clothes instead of pajamas and sitting on a nice bench in a lovely field of flowers with perfect lighting.  And nobody will pull a face or have redeye.  And that photo will not tell nearly half the story that these do.

My lovely daughters enjoying a little moment of sun on an otherwise rainy Sunday.

And then, Monday afternoon, it was time to grab that suitcase, head to the airport and fly off on her summer adventure.

Saying goodbye never gets easier.

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