Saturday, May 25, 2013


It's gearing up to be an all girls, all the time kind of weekend around here.

We did the old switcheroo for the weekend, and temporarily sent Will off to Logan in exchange for Audrey's oldest and bestest, Alicia.   Trading one boy for one girl totally throws off the balance of power around here. Most of the time, Audrey and Alicia are sweet and kind and include Olivia in most everything they are doing.   So it is mostly  good times for all of us, except when Olivia feels left out and  starts channeling her inner demons to become the little sister from hell. Then Audrey magically morphs into her obnoxiously mean teenage alter-ego and all the contentious powers  of sibling angst are unleashed full force, right there in the hallway in front of Audrey's room.  And, being the little sister in my family, guess whose side I'm on?  Yeah, we three may wind up in therapy before too long.  I'm sure that scene will play out a few more times before those two come of age.  Right now though,  there is plenty of running and screaming and giggling, as all three girls  are heavily involved in a game of capture the fugitive.  This involves tearing through my house at top speed and slamming lots of doors and running in and out and around the yard yelling your head off, but that is okay.  That's how we like it around here.

Olivia has also had her own social agenda going on this weekend. .  A couple of different playdates, then a late night over here last night with another friend, and then today an invitation to go the aquarium with yet  more friends. All that activity has made for a nice weekend for all of us so far.   And Alicia and Audrey had plenty  "quality" time alone together, while Olivia was otherwise occupied.

As for me, I get a four day weekend this week, which makes me delirious with joy. Thank you, Memorial Day.  It seems like its been a really long time since I had time to do anything around the house.  It is pathetic how happy it makes me to just stay home and rearrange my furniture and clean out the laundry room. I am trying to remain in a state of denial about the fact that starting Tuesday I have two weeks of 40 hour weeks at work,  as well as a concert, a seminary thing, a baptism and a graduation to see to. Yep, denial is a useful tool.  I am going to kick back, relax and enjoy the weekend.  Then, on Tuesday, I'll start cramming. Oh, and never mind the fact that after THOSE two weeks are over, school is out for the summer and then EVERYTHING changes.

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