Sunday, April 21, 2013

Church History

Tonight, we pulled out the packet of scripture story pictures you get when they rope you into teaching Primary.  Olivia was looking through them, and spontaneously started reciting what she knew about each picture.  It took me a few minutes to recognize a hilariously precious moment, but after a few stories, I grabbed my camera and started recording.  I am working on downloading some of those, but I want to capture what she told us about the picture of the First Vision, which is one of the stories I missed with the camera.  So, as near as I can recall, here is what Olivia knows about the first vision:

"This guy is Joseph Smith, and these guys are Heavenly Father and Jesus  Joseph went into the woods to pray, but it was very dark and he got lost, and was very scared, so he knelt down to pray, and..... oh, wait a minute, before he left  home, he prayed to know which church to join, then he went into the woods to pray, and it was very dark because he didn't choose the right.  Well, he tried to choose the right, so he kept praying.  Then Heavenly Father and Jesus appeared to him and told him to join none of the churches for they were all wrong. 

Then he went home and told his mother what happened.  And she believed him, because mothers should always  believe their children."

P.S. I love teaching Primary.  I was not roped into it.  Well, maybe I was at first, but now I love it. Best church job ever.

P.P.S.  Irony is playing Hangman with your Primary kids to get them to guess the word resurrection.  It didn't really hit me until we had to hang the poor guy before they figured out what the word was.

P.P.P.S.  Olivia also said that she never wants to get married.  Because she doesn't want to die in childbirth.

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