Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Patrol

Hey, wouldn't that be funny if I wrecked the rental car we just got on Friday?  No, not so much, but that's nearly what happened this afternoon.  Driving through a snowstorm to get to Sunday dinner at Grandma's, I slid right through a red light.   Then I changed my minde on the whole dinner things,  turned around and went right back home. Call me chicken, but I'm still skittish after Thursday's debacle.

So we wound up eating frozen pizza and pasta  at home instead, and watching  a movie while five new inches of snow fell outside, and we heard reports of people stuck on freeways and slide offs in the canyons.  Tomorrow the insurance adjuster is supposed to show up and give us the verdict on our car.  Will it be totaled?  Will it be repairable?  Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion....

The sooner we get this resolved, the better.  This fancy new van we are driving gives me the heebie jeebies.  It make me want a new car, which is an impossibility at this juncture of our lives.   I don't want to get used to the luxury of driving something dependable and with enough room for all of us, and with a radio you can actually tune.  I don't know how to drive a car whose engine isn't always threatening to die, and that actually stops when you put your foot on the brakes.  Except it didn't stop too well in the snow.  But still. The sooner I get back to driving the old beater I deserve, the better off I will be.

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