Sunday, January 13, 2013


 January 13 has rolled around again, which means that William is now 15.


This is getting ridiculous.  He was a BABY last week.  A fat bald adorable happy easy baby who smiled a lot and made us smile more.  

These days, Will is funny.  Will is artistic.  He will combine those two talents to make you into a cartoon character, or to make you a birthday card.

Will is insightful.  He can look at a set of facts and see the big picture right away. He knows when I am having a crappy day, and he never fails to make me smile.  He can always talk me out of a bad mood.

Will cannot refrain from teasing Olivia.  He loves to hear her scream, and he is really good at making it happen.

He loves music.  He plays the violin. He gets good grades. He never wears a coat voluntarily, even when it's four degrees outside.

Will is a morning person.  He wakes up in a good mood.   He is also a night owl.  He loves to stay up all night playing video games. Or reading.  He reads deep stuff.  Tolkien.  Twain. Scripture.

He loves pecan pie. Hates lasagna. He is a little bit shy.  But he is easy to talk to, and can carry on a conversation about nearly anything. He is not, however,  one for big parties or big crowds.  

Will is flexible, a roll with the flow kind of person, that takes what comes and makes the best of it.

Will is taller than me.

I like him.

I think I'll keep him.

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