Thursday, January 17, 2013


We are stuck in a winter inversion, also known as weather that sucks all the warmth, life and hope right out of you, and makes you cough a lot.  It is freezing, bitter cold, all the time. It's supposed to last another week at least.  And I don't think that I can take it. (cuz it took so long to bake it....Whatever that means. Weirdest song ever.)

We are one month into our unemployed status and there has not been even a hint or a shadow of a job offer on the horizon. 

Meanwhile, somebody named Jose is living in  sunny Florida pulling down $5000 per month picking fruit, and collecting his wages using Dan's social security number.  We found this out when Dan applied for unemployment, and was turned down.

Somebody else in sunny (I think) Durban South Africa has a chunk of our hard earned change that they helped themselves to using  Dan's credit card number.

A collection agency is demanding payment on an insurance policy that we never took out.  Mitch needs a crown, and is probably going to have to move back in with us until he can find a better job. Olivia almost burned the house down yesterday, and my kitchen still reeks of smoke.  Oh, and her elementary school just announced that they are moving to a year-round schedule next year.  Oh goody.  School in July, and paying day care costs in October. Can't wait.  All the more reason to move to Florida, and hunt down that Jose guy.  Maybe we can steal our lives back. At the very least, we might see the sun.

So far, 2013 sucks.  I  have no desire to see what else this year holds for us.  It has already beaten us up pretty good, and most nights I lay awake and think of all the other, more terrible things that could be waiting for us this year.  I am sick and tired of people whose hopes for this year are so high,  who are resolving to lose weight, get out of debt, and go to Hawaii.  I try not to rub my sucky attitude in their faces.  Why do have to shove their cheerfulness into mine?

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