Monday, January 28, 2013

CTR Movies

A few days ago, my enterprising hubby became the new film critic for the Davis County Clipper and the Syracuse Islander.  Why do they call it the Islander?  That has GOT to be the dumbest name for a newspaper.  If anything, it should be called the Island View, or something.  But anyway.  That's where his movie reviews will be from now on.

This is a volunteer gig for him, which sucks for us.  But on the bright side, he has his own blog now, so the reviews will be posted there too. It's on the side bar, over there, to your right, under the good reads section.   Scroll down.  A little farther.  Keep looking. It's there, I promise. Check it out.  It's new, so there is not a lot of reviews there yet.  Be patient!! I think he is going to post his old reviews there too, AND he has a Peter Pan blue ray to review as well. (hint hint).

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