Friday, January 18, 2013

Right Side Up Again

Today was better. Today the weather just seemed like a crazy adventure- driving through snow covered streets, through smog filled air and shivering all day in the meat locker I work in  had some kind of odd charm to it today.   Maybe because I knew that if we could just survive today, tonight would mark the beginning of a  hard-won four day weekend for us. Four days because the kids have Monday and Tuesday off school, and I have all those days off work.  Hard won because of all the poor buggars who were desperate for me to come work for them this weekend, and who I had to keep turning down.  I'm grateful for all the extra hours I'm getting, but sheesh.  Give a girl a break!  Also hard won because we kept turning down invites from friends wanting to go places and do things.  I'm ready to just sit at home in my  pj's for a day or two, maybe cook a little bit of something good to eat, and ponder the state that our lives are in.

So, here we are on Friday night, eating junk food and watching TV.  Olivia is drawing  beautiful pictures of princesses for me.  She just handed me one that says at the top , "this is prssec bel " . Then it has my name on it, Lin, the date 2013 and "how old 41".  Yup, 41 sounds good.  I tried to convince her I was 26, but she wasn't buying it. The kids have cleaned up the kitchen, the dishwasher is running, and we even have clean underwear in the dryer.  Life could be a lot worse on this particular Friday.

One more thing, just because I want to remember, we were talking about Maggie getting old yesterday, and Olivia said to me, "Don't you think it's about time Maggie moved out and got her own place?  She is getting really old to be living at home.

It's sad, but true.   Maggie is going on 15, which makes her like, totally ancient in dog years. She IS getting quite old to be living here.  I even buy prescription drugs for her now, which I swore I would never do.  But the only thing really wrong with her is arthritis, and I can't stand for her to be in pain.  So we buy the pills and worry about that big old lump on her tail that doesn't bother her, but that gets bigger every day, and wait to see what happens next.  I think she WILL be moving on to a new place before too very much longer.  She will be ready.  I don't think the rest of us will be.

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