Friday, August 7, 2015

So Much Wedding, So Little Time

It is Friday, August 7, at three in the morning, and I am no longer fully functional. However, for the first time in six months, my do to list is shorter than it was this morning. I know that I will never remember all that went on today, and it was pretty unbelievable, if I say so myself. Here is a run down of our day. Sorry for the tedium but I really want to remember.

Actually, I don't remember much about this morning. I do remember the doorbell ringing about 8:30, with one of my amazing neighbors dropping off the cupcakes she made for the wedding. Then I ran over to Kinkos to finish up one of our many Pinterest projects, which I will pontificate upon more later when I am not delirious. Unfortunately, they could not help me, so I ran across the street to Hobby Lobby. As I walked in the door, I realized I didn't have my purse. I thought maybe I lost it at Kinkos. But no, I had left it home, and didn't even realize it until my second stop. One of many instances throughout the day where it was obvious that my mind is way too full.  My mind is beyond remember simple yet necessary things, like keys and shutting car doors.  I went back home, and grabbed Alisa and her buddy Aaron who flew in from Pennsylvania the day before, and we headed to Walmart for more wedding supplies. Once we were home again, we made t-shirts for the bridesmaids while Audrey made frosting for cupcakes, all while we were all eating pizza. Amazingly the shirts survived with nary a spill or splatter. After that my friend Liz came over and helped Audrey and me decorate about 130 cupcakes. Dan was running all over the neighborhood gathering up stuff that we had arranged to borrow. Then it was back to Walmart for me for more stuff. Then back to Hobby Lobby for even more stuff. THEN, back to another Walmart for stuff the first Walmart didn't have. Turns out weddings take a lot of stuff. Then we took Duncan to his friend's wedding reception. I should also mention that Dan washed windows today. Anyway, after the wedding, he took some kids to stay at Grandma's for the duration and I went, you guessed it, back to Walmart for more stuff. Oh, before I made it to Walmart though, Liz came back and did some more cupcakes with me and we had a very therapeutic gab session as well. Then I had another mini gab session with my friend Amber who is storing the cupcakes in her freezer. And yet another mini therapy moment with my friend Melinda who is helping with the wedding as well. I could not be getting through this without these guys, or without my sisters Lisa and Kathy who got me through some rough spots today as well.
After Walmart, I came home to find the dog had eaten about six cupcakes that were left out on the table. After a brief but intense crisis over that little mishap, I decorated yet more cupcakes, made a broccoli salad, finished my project from the morning, designed a marriage certificate, sanded and waxed a cabinet for the girl's bathroom, and watched Better off Dead with Alisa and her friends. Tonight, in addition to Aaron, we have another Arin, and her boyfriend John staying with us from Kentucky, Tomorrow, ALL the Frenchies are in town as well.

So, lots of fun things going on, crammed into not enough time.  Tomorrow is another packed day. I am going to update this poor old laptop before it crashes and call it a night,

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