Saturday, August 15, 2015

The First of Many

All of the guests are gone. The flowers are starting to smell.  There is only a sliver of wedding cake left. The party is over. And now begins the job of collecting all the pictures people have taken. This is the first batch, in no particular order. There will be many many more to come.

 The wedding site

 A view of the ceremony setting from the front of the lodge.

The wedding cake table

Arin and Benoit, going strong about midnight

Antelope Island, the day after the wedding.

Aaron and Erwann

Aaron conquers yet another mountain

Alisa, Aaron, and Margaret

Dinner at Rio Grande after an evening of site seeing in SLC
Aaron's last day

Our beautiful wedding party during the ceremony

The Bride and Groom

The groomsmen. I love this picture so much

Margaret and Alexis

Renaud, Margaret, Paul, Max, Arin and Aaron I think

Franco American

A shot of our photographer's shot of the wedding party
 Janaea, Alisa, Aaron,  Max, Paul, Arin, Margaret, Benoit, Renaud, Alexis

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