Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ten Days and Still Mostly Sane

W minus ten days. The first wedding guests have officially crossed the border into Utah, although they are still in the distant south, touring the red rocks down there. They won't officially be here for the wedding for another week or so.  Erwanns' friend Alexis is landing in California as I type. Flowers are ordered, cupcakes are getting real, and there are only a kajillion small details still in need of attention. My house looks like a summery version of Christmas, with Amazon  boxes open everywhere, wedding decorations taking over the living room, and the kitchen in a constant state of bake.

It's great.

I love having something BIG going on. I love having an excuse for the house being a mess and me being disorganized and flighty. I love looking forward to it, and mostly I love the chaos that ensues. I love having a million plans and yet no real itinerary. It's no surprise that I had six kids. I thrive on the unexpected and the chaotic. I love when you throw everything up in the air and just wait to see what lands where.  The stress of it all gets a little hectic at times, but this is good stress. Happy stress. And the best and worst part of it all is that it will all soon be over. On the one hand, it's a good thing that we are coming to the grand finale of this wedding. I couldn't live like this much longer. On the other hand, what the heck are we all going to look forward to once this event is history? Halloween? Hmmm, I guess we can get creative and up-cycle all those wedding decorations into some exotic Halloween costumes. I'll have to get working on that. On August 10.

On the other hand, this wedding is ruining my life. I ran my first 10k on July 11, and it was awesome. I haven't run a day since. And I am blaming the wedding. I have zero desire to run anywhere except to my front porch to see what latest treasure the UPS guy brought me. I was going to lose 20 pounds for my grand debut as MOB, and instead I have been binging on experimental wedding cupcakes and oreos. I am supposed to run my first half marathon on October 25. But the wedding is taking up way too much space in my head and making it so my feet don't work anymore. Also, I can't think straight long enough to clean my bathroom. Or finish laundry. Or go to the store. Which works out, since every last dime we have is devoted to the wedding right now, and we didn't really want to eat anything other than cupcakes anyway.

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