Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day of Rest? Yeah, Right

What a wild Sunday. Anything but a day of rest is what we got today. Today we had Will's patriarchal blessing this morning, ( it was fantastic) then an interview with the bishop for Duncan about a mission,(again, fantastic)  then Will spoke in sacrament meeting,( what can I say? fantastic) and it was my turn to teach the Beehives,( I fed them candy, which they said was fantastic)  then after church we hurried home for dinner so that we could turn around and run back for another stake meeting where they realigned all the ward boundaries. It was Harmony Bluff for the win, as we were the only ward to only gain and not lose members. It;s the first time I have been in a ward where I actually would have cared if we had lost people, or if we had changed wards. So all is well in my personal Zion tonight.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Will and Audrey. Will's last first day. Audrey's first day of high school. This week I am in payback mode for all of the time off I have had this summer, so I'm working extra hours. Olivia has a book report due at the end of the week, then she is off track for three weeks. I'm already tired just thinking about it all.

The good news is that we have survived another productive peach season. Off of our little tree, we canned 33 quarts of peaches, and several pints of jam. I say we canned, but what I really mean is I canned. As soon as the wedding ended, instead of lying about in my bed eating bon bons, as I had originally intended, I started slaving over a kitchen sink and a stove, peeling, washing, boiling, chopping, etc. etc. You can ask my wedding guests that were still here if you don't believe me. And I am happy to say that there remains not one peach on that tree. I feel so sufficient.

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