Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Post Wedding Post

Sunday was as perfect a wedding day as we ever could have hoped for. The wedding gods were surely smiling down on our little party in the mountains. We were blessed with some talented and generous family and friends who made the day extra special. 

The Gensel girls came up to help us do hair, and from what I hear, Mama Gensel was first on the scene. Kathy and Amy and Terri showed up early too  and they all started setting things up before we even got there. We never would have made it without them, since we were running so far behind schedule right from the very start.

 The Bride Tribe and the groom's team- both French and American sides- were out in full force, loading and unloading trucks, hauling in endless bins, bags and bundles, hanging lights, arranging flowers and pictures, and every other job you can imagine. Alisa's cousins were all there, chauffeuring, setting up chairs, tables, and offering to help with everything.

Cindy and Amelia put on an amazing buffet, and without them there, dinner would have been absolute chaos. My co workers Mindy and Connie came up with their families to flip burgers for us. Lisa was my right hand sis, errand runner, problem solver and personal shopper all weekend. Alisa's friend Annie came from California to be the bar tender, and kept that whole operation running smoothly. 

June spent Saturday afternoon with us, putting together bouquets. Erwann's step dad Christian arranged some stunning floral arrangements for the tables. Grandpa Dan hauled his sound system up the mountain and set it up outside for the ceremony, then moved the whole thing inside for the party.

Friends and neighbors helped us with cupcakes and potato salad, ironed table cloths, and loaned us sleeping bags, coolers, dishes, decorations, and even beds for three on a night when our house was overflowing. And let us not forget the neighbor who loaned us a truck at the last minute on Sunday morning, when all of our stuff wouldn't fit into one truck.. My mom and Carole cut up vegetables. My brother cut up fruit and hung lights for us.

Alisa's friend Aaron, who was there the night Erwann and Alisa met, got his online ordination to become a wedding officiant, then performed  a beautiful ceremony for them.  I'm sure there are more instances  that I am not recalling right now, and probably even more that I don't even know about.  I do know that all of this effort from all these people gave my girl and her guy a beautiful, romantic, fun, happy start to their new life. And I am so grateful for all of it, every last little detail that people put their own little touch on. Even the sun broke out just as the ceremony started, and even though the whole day was beautiful, it seemed to shine much brighter for the duration of the ceremony. I'm taking that as an omen of  more bright days to come for the bride and groom.

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