Friday, February 20, 2015

A Place Where Nobody Dared to Go

Just another hoppin Friday night at the Metcalf's- Dan took the kids to Walmart. For milk. I am home making paleo granola. And I'm pretty excited about that. Yes, I am still doing my Paleo diet adventure.
I've already lost track of my days. I think we are on day 44, or somewhere. And except for a few small incidents with cheese, and one tortilla ambush, it is going very well.

And now, some random pictures from Audrey's junior high school musical, closing night last week.
 Audrey is there in the back somewhere. This is a shot of the whole cast after the show was over.

 Catch the name on the jacket.

 Audrey and her good buddy Kaitlyn. Yes, Kaitlyn is as tall as Audrey. Maybe ever a hair taller.


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