Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Six Months Minus One

Yesterday marked six months until Alisa and Erwann's wedding. I am slowly getting used to the weight of wedding planning that has been draped around my shoulders, and I am not obsessing about it every single second. Just about every five or six minutes now.

I think we are on track. We have a date. We have a venue. We have a photographer. We are all praying for good weather on August 9. Please feel free to join us in that endeavor. We now need to find an officiant. Preferably one that is inexpensive and speaks French. I'm working on a plan for food, but I keep changing my mind. Invitations are in the capable  hands of Erwann. We need to get the church reserved for the big basketball game the Saturday before. These are the thoughts in my head all the time, along with the everyday thoughts of what to make for dinner and do I have any money in my checking account.

I finally broke down and got a Pinterest account.  I have been purposely avoiding Pinterest for many years because number one, I don't care that much to look at all the stuff I could be doing, and two, who has time? I already waste too much time online.  But I guess I will give up my 2048 game and devote myself to pinning wedding items for the next few months.

Last night, I was supposed to run three miles. Instead, we took the kids to Cherry Berry to celebrate Will's 87% on his math test and Olivia's 100% on her spelling!  Will got a math tutor, which has helped him immensely, and Olivia, well what can I say?  With Olivia I have found that a little of the proper motivation goes a long way in helping her to study and do well in school. So we made a little deal that if she gets 100% on her spelling tests for two weeks in a row, she gets to pick out an Ever After doll to buy. Making deals like that with her has changed her whole attitude. I don't know if it is good parenting to bribe your kids, but it sure has changed the dynamic of homework between the two of us.

Audrey finisher her play with great success. Now she has mock trial coming up. And French club. And tryouts for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And a boy.  Yes, there is a boy in her life, but she doesn't like to talk much about it.  I think it is all good. She is a good girl. She surprised me and made dinner last night while I was at work. So when I came home, everything was all ready to go.  She made tuna casserole, and Dan said it was the best tuna casserole he ever had. If you know Dan's feelings about tuna casserole, you know that is a major compliment.  And it was really good. In fact, I think the kids should cook every  Monday night>

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