Monday, March 2, 2015

Some Things to Do While it Snows

Oh hey sure, now that it's March, let's have a snowstorm!  Our grass is actually white with snow, the likes of which we have not seen for quite some time.  It started snowing about 6:30 and last I checked, it was still coming down pretty good. We get spring through all of February, and just when you get used to the nice warm weather, here comes snowy old March. Bleah.

To cheer things up, please enjoy this video made by Audrey and her friends for a project in Honors English:

Be sure to stay tuned for the bloopers at the end, where in Audrey gets stabbed in the foot.

Also, please send all intelligent vibes to Will, for tomorrow he takes the ACT, that four hour long test that gives you a headache for the next eight hours after you take it, and only determines the direction of the rest of your life. The good news is, as soon as he is done with the test, he gets to leave school. He is heading directly to Arby's for a little debriefing time.

Also, Olivia is off track (of school, not life) for the next three weeks, so please pray for all of us.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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