Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We Interrupt This February to Bring You A January Update

Will's long awaited orchestra trip to San Diego has come and gone. He left on January 27 and came back on February 1. Thanks to a neighbor of mine, who tagged along as a chaperone with her son, I have a few pictures of his trip.  He had a really good time. These pictures are in no particular order. I would need Will's help to get them in order. As it is, I will do my best to put them in context.

Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego. He ordered a bacon burger.
I think these next few are at the USS Midway

That's Will with Causley, our neighbor and orchestra buddy. It was Causley's mom that sent me the pictures.

Dinner before going to see The King and I.  Will hated the show. He said the music and acting were okay, but the story was so dumb.He said he went in optimistic and came out enraged.

Getting pointers and a critique from a college music professor

Performing at a retirement home.

The San Diego Symphony. John Williams was supposed to be conducting this night, but he got sick. Did you know he is 83? Will said it was still great.

Sea World!

The hotel they stayed in.
Nice trip for the end of January, eh?

While Will was off doing that, Dan and I took an impromptu trip to California to do some wedding planning with Alisa and Erwann. It was fun to be able to spend time with just the two of them.  But I must say that this blog is probably going to become a wedding blog for the next six months.  My head is racing all the time with things I need to do for the big day. Speaking of which, the big day is August 9.  The place is Wasatch Mountain Lodge, at Brighton Ski Resort. That is pretty much all we know so far. Oh, and I bought utensils for the reception. Should be fun!

Well, that pretty much catches us up to February. Audrey's school play is this week. Olivia is getting new glasses. Mitch is busy busy with work and school. Duncan is not busy enough, but he is working, so we will take it one step at a time. We are on the downhill side of the school year. And my stupid tulips are already coming up. Life just keeps happening. It's gonna be August before I know it.

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