Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day Number Forty Eight

Today in the mail we got an ad for a new Chinese restaurant that has opened up by us. The restaurant's whole menu was described in great detail on the ad. Deep fried appetizers, ham fried rice, lo mein and more. Audrey begged and begged to go there for dinner tonight. I told er only forty eight more days until I can eat rice again.

For dinner tonight, we tried cauliflower rice. It's made by throwing cauliflower into the food processor until it comes out the general consistency of rice. Then you cook it in a saucepan with some oil and seasonings and it is supposed to take the place of rice.  It wasn't too bad I guess. The kids gave it mixed reviews. Duncan laughed and said it was awful. Will said it was okay.  I didn't like it because it tastes like cauliflower.

We also tried sweet potato chips, which we made ourselves. Well, me and Audrey tried them. They didn't get crispy enough, but they were still pretty tasty. I devoured nearly the whole sweet potato.
We baked them in the oven with coconut oil but next time I might try deep frying them to see if they come out crisper.  I don't know that deep frying is allowed on this diet, but neither is diet coke, and that is one thing I am not giving up for the next seven weeks.

Olivia is after me to go make a video with her dolls and her. I am trying to drum up some enthusiasm.  We just had a screaming, thrashing meltdown over changing her earrings. She HATES to take her earrings out.  She claims she is done messing with them and wants to take them out forever.. I told her she has to wait a while longer. She claims they hurt so bad. I don't really believe that they hurt that bad. She says she is extra sensitive and things like this bother her more than they do most people. That part I do believe. Maybe I should tell her that her earring tantrums just suck all of my video making desires clean out of me.

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